By Sean Stephens

How do you qualify for a 3% down payment conventional loans?

Did you know that Fannie Mae® and Freddie Mac both have 3% down payment programs! Here is a short video which explains the differences and along with the highlights. Remember, conventional loan 3% down payment programs can be a great alternative to FHA financing, because as of 6/3/13 FHA monthly mortgage insurance is now for […]

By Sean Stephens

What Not “To-Do” During The Mortgage Process

Last week we discussed what you should do during the mortgage process, and now I wanted to follow up with advice of what “Not To-Do” so you can keep your financing headed in the right direction. First off, do not apply for new credit of any kind: It can be common to receive invitations for […]

By Sean Stephens

What Should You Do During The Mortgage Application Process?

What steps should you take during the mortgage application process? When you’re going through the home buying process, how do you know what’s misinformation and what’s not? With everything available, it’s sometimes hard to separate what is right and wrong during the mortgage application process. This short video tip will go over what TO DO in […]

How Do You Find Solutions To Financing Hurdles?

Are you experiencing financing hurdles? What is your solution when there is a difficult loan scenario that needs to be qualified, processed, and closed? What happens when you need that after 5:00pm service to help get a pre-qualification started? What if you have a current transaction experiencing financing hurdles and need an expert 2ndopinion? My […]

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