By Sean Stephens

Real Estate Marketing Tips: Should You Join A Social Group?

Should you join a social group?

There has always been some debate over whether or not social media is really a viable way to generate awareness of brands or services. In fact, one of the most common statements I have heard goes something like this:


“Social media doesn’t generate leads; I’ve never once gotten a deal from posting on Facebook or LinkedIn.”


On a superficial level, that may seem true. More often than not, individuals who like, follow, or re-tweet you do not reach out directly on Facebook or other platforms to conduct business. However, maintaining a solid social media presence is often one of the first ways a potential customer may come in contact with your brand.

In fact, it could very well be the start of your sales funnel (a.k.a customer acquisition model). If a person has been exposed to you via social media, at the very least they have an awareness of you and what you offer, and if they have liked your page, or are following you, they may very be considering using services like yours in the future.


The question then is, “How do you get these prospective customers to not only be aware of you, but to be interested in you and choose your business over another?


You guessed it, by joining social media groups.


On average, individuals in the United States are exposed to over 500 advertisements a day. I think it’s safe to assume nobody really wants to be sold to at this point.


Social media groups offer you the opportunity to meet potential customers on their terms and give you the ability to connect with them on a personal level. By doing this, you can learn all about their interests and how you can cater your business towards their needs.



Now, you may be thinking, okay, that’s great…but how do I know which groups to join?


To figure that out, I would like to direct you to Facebook’s “Graph Search” tool.

*Please note: In order to use this tool, you can NOT be logged into a Facebook Business Page*


The Facebook Graph Search in an excellent way too not only find trending interests, but to specifically target those who have liked your Facebook page (people who are in the awareness stage of the sales funnel). By typing into the search bar, “Groups of people who like your facebook page” you’ll be taken to a page that shows every group that is associated with people who have liked your business page.

Now that you can see the groups that these potential leads are in, you can begin to personalize your postings and join in on the group conversation. Be sure that you take this opportunity to really present yourself as an expert and offer helpful advice, even if it isn’t always about your services.


By building this kind of repertoire, not only are you furthering your prospect’s awareness of your services, but you’re also giving them a reason to be intrigued and maybe even attached to you and your services, moving them to the next part of the sales funnel.


We’ve covered quite a lot today, and before we continue, I’d like to ask you to try out Facebook’s Graph Search to really gain a better understanding of what your Facebook fans, and other potential customers are really interested in.


Next week I’ll pick up where we left off, and discuss how you can get your social leads to take action through group engagement.


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Remember, social groups are great ways to build brands and generate partners and customers!


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